Interview with David Braun: Monstroid 2, social stock and other inspiring details about TemplateMonster’s new projects

Have you ever asked yourself how to create a qualitative and powerful website without using the services of a professional web designer? Today it’s possible with the help of gorgeous website templates, created, featured and professionally designed by TemplateMonster – a well known website themes developer that works with a huge amount of people all around the world. For these simple reasons we are ready to provide you with a new interview that includes a lot of interesting and even helpful information for those, who are interested in owning a productive and beautiful website. Thus, meet David Braun, CEO and co-founder of the shining TemplateMonster!

Good evening, David! We are pleased to see you here! To begin with, could you tell our readers a little bit about TemplateMonster, its’ projects and services? How did the company appear?

Almost 15 years ago I used to work at the web design studio, which was a new and pretty successful business for our town. Still, the results weren’t perfect, so I started thinking about the prosperity of such deal. Doing that, I kept in mind one of our designers, who did the unbelievable amount of orders every day. One day, he told me a secret of his productivity. It was about the library of ready-made elements that he created in Photoshop. Truly speaking, I wasn’t a guru of web design that days and even have never heard about the definition of ‘website template’ before. Then, we tried to build some ready-to-use themes and sell them as a Photoshop files. That is how I got the idea, which later became a fantastic business. We founded TemplateMonster in 2002 and people from different countries did use our service. Without a doubt, today TM is the oldest developer of pre-packed themes on the web market, but those days we had a rivalry. Shortly, templates are thematic, ready-to-use pages that allow you to create a desired website with no effort, even if you have never worked with such service before. Built with a valid, semantic code templates are easy to use and give you a possibility to start your own business just out-of-the-box. The package usually includes MegaMenu, parallax effect, commenting system, Google web fonts, live search, dropdown menu and other features that are inherent parts of any modern website. Seeing that, we propose our users a truly large assortment of ready-made themes. Suitable to any kind of production, they are easy-to-install and have detailed instruction about this process. In addition, we provide all our customers with free 24/7 Technical support, so you will never be alone with your issues. That is how TemplateMonster looks today.

Needless to say, your story is truly inspiring! Let’s go back in our days. Are there any special projects that may make your customers happy during this long winter?

Of course, there are. Have you ever heard about Social Stock? Naturally, it is an innovative and inimitable social media project that brings one a possibility to earn some money or win various cool prizes with no effort! The project is quite easy, so you don’t need to have some special skills or experience in order to take a part in it. The thing is that with the help of this company you get a possibility to help your relatives, friends or followers with the owning of a strong and attractive website for their needs. In a word, you may help people to save on purchasing leading templates from their inventory. All in all, saving extra money can never be redundant, doesn’t it? To be clear, all of our users will be provided with the unique promo-codes that bring one a 10 % discount on the modern and incredible products, provided by TemplateMonster. The fact is that this code may be used with any template from TM gallery, which for today includes over 60 thousands of thematic templates and more that 24 thousands of the premium themes for various purposes and different types of business.

Sounds intriguing! So people just need to share their personal promo-codes with friends in order to take a part in the competition, or there are other actions one need perform for it?

No, there are no special actions people have to do in order to enter the competition. Furthermore, we did our best in order to introduce Social Stock to the world, so all the useful, informative and even cute things were already created and made for your comfort. That is why we are ready to provide our users with a set of colorful banners that will definitely catch an eye of your page visitors. Furthermore, you will get a package full of the funny memes for social networks to express your emotions. Also, we propose you to use demotivators and even different samples of ready-made text messages, as they may be a quick solution for sending your promo-code to all the people that are in your contact list. Finally, you will additionally get ready-made texts for emails! The only action you need to do is registration right in your profile. Don’t miss your chance to win something cool! Be free to and pick any texts or images that you like, put your promo-code in the place of the default one and send it to some people around you. As you can see, we are glad to provide you with all the opportunities to share this information with the world and assist during the process of a perfect website creation!

Talking about the website creation, are there any recent updating about your project that you are truly proud of? And why do you think so?

Well, there are always a lot of different projects and I always try to do my best, but I would definitely advice one to take a closer look at a new Monstroid 2 theme, which is more than just a template! Without a doubt, this flexible and truly powerful thing is ready to provide one with an unlimited freedom and plenty of opportunities for the prosperity of their online business. Thus, such a sensational theme will undoubtedly be released not only as a General Public License product, but also as the one with Long Term Support. In a word, using Monstroid 2 brings you a possibility to set up this theme on the unlimited amount of domains and modify its’ source code as well. Additionally, till now you may use the parts of the template for your other online projects with no effort.

Needless to say, Monstroid has always been a leading WordPress theme. Could you tell to our readers about the advantages of its’ new version? Maybe, there are some particular features or modifications that you would like to highlight?

Oh, (smiles) it may take the whole day for me to describe all the newest features of Monstroid 2. Anyway, let’s talk about the high standards of quality! First of all, keep in mind that all the WordPress themes are built with a valid, semantic code, which is a good aspect for the building of your future website! It means that Monstroid 2 was truly constructed with the highest coding changes and the latest design technologies and, as a result, you will have a powerful, readable and acceptable code that is easy in use or editing, as the theme in questions was certainly made with high WordPress coding standards.

And what about the popularization of the future online projects built with Monstroid 2? I guess, it has something with Search Engine Optimization?

Without a doubt, popularization is another vital aspect about the owning of any successful site. That is why Monstroid 2 was unmistakably made in accordance with all the most important SEO demands! Besides, remember that multipurpose remarkable theme features maximized page loading speed in order to provide its’ owner with a notable performance and inspiring ranking results for their online project. What is more, Monstroid 2 is powered by the latest version of Cherry Framework 5! And here is another reason that easily allows one to become the owner of a beautiful and really strong website. Also, the theme provides its’ owner with smart editing options, as it is based on a module structure.

I see. Such standards seem to be really important things for anyone! To continue, what else does Monstroid 2 has to impress its’ future owners?

As it has already been mentioned, there are a lot of modern and helpful features in the package of Monstroid 2. For example, it provides one with 10 amazing ready-made skins that were made in order to add some impressing creativity to their online projects. Thus, working with the template you will get first basic skin and 9 different skins that can be used for the creation of the different types of online projects. All you need to do is to choose the one you like and adopt it to your preferences. For example, you are able to use a theme for a corporate page, restaurant, lawyers, financial advisor, fashion blog, construction company, fitness club, hotels or furniture store. Another notable feature of Monstroid 2 is Power Page Composer. Obviously, you need to get the striking layouts built for the online project, if you really want to impress your potential clients! That is what the other useful Monstroid’s option about, as the provided theme proposes you to work with a new splendid page composer, which is more than easy in use. As a result, now you are able to change the design of your site’s pages with the help of 25+ fantastic modules. As you can see, all the needed features were already made for the comfort of our customers and added to the pack of Monstroid.

In a word, can you name a couple of other website themes that you consider to be ones that are worthy of the attention of our readers?

Well, I would advise them to learn more about some of our best-sellers. For example, Jumerix and Wegy Joomla theme, Styler Prestashop template, etc.

The variety of TM’s website themes seems to be unbelievably huge! That is why we are wondering where do you get your inspiration from? Are there any secrets?

Actually, my biggest inspiration (and the most useful and important life rule, by the way) is about loving what you do, doing what you love and, all in all, doing my best to do it pretty well. Sure, TemplateMonster is a huge part of my life but, still, there are other projects, social activities, sports and people I meet on my way. All these things provide my brain with new thoughts that somehow transform into ideas and then new projects again. The fact is that one can always find something for inspiration. Yes, it could be a movie, weather, landscape or some words that you have heard from a stranger. Be sure, inspiration is all around you, everyone can find it but only if they really want to. Of course, my family, business partners, friends and co-workers also inspire me every single day.

Thank you for such a bright answer! And the last question for today: what would you advise to those, who would like to start their online business, but have never worked with it before?

Gently speaking, they should be flexible, if they would like to transform the idea of their company into a successful business, which will be worthy of people’s attention. Then, they should always keep learning and looking for the new possibilities, ideas, projects, etc. Third, they should always know the needs of their customer and improve the service according to it as much as possible. All in all, don’t be afraid of changes and mistakes as they may always be fixed. Thus, never stop learning and trying new things!

P.S. Would you like to get more information about TemplateMonster and the variety of their brilliant products? In this case, feel free to visit TemplateMonster Service Center to get more details or a professional consultation about transforming your ideas into a powerful and unique website of your dream, as the company provides one with the templates customization.